Western Canada, this post is for you. Now, as a former connoisseur of Edmonton rap, I know you’ve got plenty of great hip hop up in your midst, but you’re about to have even more up in you over the next couple of weeks. Toronto’s Relic has just released a great record called Miles To Go, and he’s bringing it to you in person. True-school boom-bappery with honest lyrics and a thoroughly modern feel, I think it’s safe to say that most people who have discovered this veteran T.O. MC are very glad they did.

To sweeten the deal, Rel isn’t coming alone, but bringing a few more beats from the east with him. Our enthusiasm for the music made by DJ/Production duo The Extremities is well-documented and having seen them live, with Fresh Kils destroying the MPC and Uncle Fester cutting records down to the bone, this is an experience I recommend highly. Add one of the hill’s favourite MC’s to the mix, Halifax’s baritone-voiced man of the people Ambition (who has a new EP of his own about to drop), and you have a show that’s not to be missed. So don’t.