Last night, the Ack was given the opportunity to introduce the lovely & talented Kathleen Edwards before her performance at the 2012 Polaris Gala (the prize was of course won by Feist, so many congrats to her!). He did a great job, giving his heartfelt, novelette of a speech with great confidence, but I couldn’t help being taken aback when ol’ Grant Lawrence was intro-ing the Ack and mentioned we’d been working on the hill for some nine years. I place it closer to eight years, but still, that is a goddam long time.

Because we’ve been at it so long, it now seems to be a common occurrence that I’ll recognize someone’s name from some previous incarnation in their musical career. This is the case with London, Ont duo You’ll Never Get to Heaven, which features production from Chuck Blazevic who’s been a hill fave since he was operating as the Dartmouth-based Dreamsploitation (full disclosure: the bio for YNGTH of course mentions Dreamsploitation, but trust me, I recognized his name before reading that, otherwise the paper-thin premise I’m constructing the narrative of this post around goes up in smoke).

Blazevic is joined by Alice Hansen, who weaves her soft vocals in and around the assured atmospherics he creates. The two are described as “dreamweavers” in their bio, and after listening to a couple singles from their DIVORCE-released debut LP I’m not sure I have a better one word description of their sound in me. It’s ambient, yet melodic, with sounds culled from “early 20th century classical and ‘70s dub vinyl” and then layered with a “decade’s worth of scratches and dirt beautifully processed into flourishes of swirling texture”. Again, I can’t improve on that description, so have a listen for yourself and head over to reserve one of the limited edition copies if you’re as taken with it as I am.