My experience at Hip Hop shows at HPX have kind of been a mixed bag – even though I look back on all of them fondly. The Blueprint & Brother Ali show in ’07 remains one of my all-time favourite shows, but the next year I split off from the Ack to try and catch some of D-Sisive’s set at the now-defunct Coconut Grove and the only dudes in there were like 5 sketchy dudes trying to sell their CD’s to the only 2 other people in there, so I split before Derrick even played. HPX has also seen the GZA playing liquid swords in full, which was amazing even though the Genius looked exhausted and even copped a squat at one point to check his phone, but it was the goddamn GZA doing Liquid Swords, Shadowboxin’, Cold World, etc in person. But after, and even during that show, all I heard was music types complaining about how they “thought it would be better” or “I thought this guy was supposed to be the best rapper ever”. If we ever got the Herohill Dong-Punch-8000 up and running, we’d have worn in out after that show.

Anyhoo, that hip hop old man rant is a weird way to intro a post saying there’s an awesome hip hop show tonight at Reflections and you should go, but there is and you should! The legendary El-P, former member of seminal NYC underground outfit Company Flow, and much lauded for his solo work including his recent Cancer 4 Cure, headlines what should be a very memorable HPX event tonight. Weirdo Click kicks things off, followed by the very promising TO/Mtl group Ain’t No Love and then Halifax’s very own up & coming MC champ Ambition. Reflections will surely be at capacity by the time El-P is ready to funcrush it, so get there early and add some quality hip hop to your HPX 2012 experience.