Like any music festivus worth its salt, the Halifax Pop Explosion takes great pains to try and sure they’ve got a wide array of genres represented by the artists they bring in. This is usually good news for those who like to go for theirs out on the dance floor, and HPX 2012 does indeed have a number of electronic artists on the bill to inspire some sweaty dance parties. Case in point, Philip Clark, otherwise known by his nom-de-produce Jaguar Knight, who will be playing twice during HPX - first on Tuesday, Oct. 16th at Gus’ with Humans, and then on Friday the 19th for a late-night DJ set at the Jagermeister Lounge at Rockopolis.

I was a big fan of the JK remix of Writer’s Strike’s New York City a few months ago, so I’m certainly happy to point you towards his new EP, Jaguar Party Edits Vol. 1. The EP features not only that WS remix, but other undeniably catchy remixes for Halifax artists like A.A. Wallace and Jenocide. There’s also a different switch from the normal remix blueprint, with Jaguar’s take on the PINEO track Mystery, which features no synths, just live guitar and bass played by Clark himself. For good measure there are out-of-nowhere re-works of tracks from UK cult comedy icons The Mighty Boosh (Eels) and Halifax classic rock royalty April Wine (Tonight is a Wonderful Time).

The EP’s great, and available free, so grab it, and if you’re in town for HPX, try and catch one of Jaguar Knight’s appearances.