This song. It’s different. The slow burn is extinguished, and the melody skips playfully. There is no dark lit stage, with long, blue plumes of smoke framing her face. For a fleeting moment,the words are free to float forever.

Somehow, this song is like finding a grey hair in your beard or the first hint of radiant red leaves on a crisp fall day. It’s as beautiful as a changing season, but that emotion comes from knowing this only lasts for a moment. Things will get colder, things will die. But for now, you just bask in the amber warmth. It’s as perfect as you can imagine, so hold on as long as you possibly can.

Lisa Bozikovic‘s new record, This Is How We Swim, is out on Shuffling Feet Records and with co-production help from Sandro Perri, she transforms jazzy arrangements and a pristine voice into something deeper, darker and more rewarding.

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MP3:: Lisa Bozikovic – Midnight Ice

In a completely opposite manner, Dan Mangan‘s music is timeless. It has left a mark as permanent as needled ink. Tonight, he transforms his sound once more as Dan and his band will take centre stage at HPX tonight and play with the talented Symphony Nova Scotia, adding orchestration to the ramshackle percussion and gruff vocals. This night will live forever in memories. The reeds, strings, horns and heart will band together and soar. They will lift spirits and maybe the foundation of the Rebecca Cohn.

These types of moments aren’t lost on Dan – as the inspiring documentary about his slow, Baumgartner worthy ascent to his crowning moment (a performance at the Orpheum Theatre) – and one he will treat with the respect of a music fan and consummate professional.

What Happens Next? The Dan Mangan Documentary premiers on CBC Oct 20th, 9amPST/12noonEST and it’s a surprisingly inspirational tribute to hard work and determination.