Heads up everyone, but the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion is but a mere 2 weeks away. This nugget raises important questions. Firstly, do you have your tickets and/or wristband or what have you? If not, you’d better get on it. I’m assuming there are still plenty of tickets left, but the preemo shows will likely sell-out, so why risk it?

Also, have you been studying this year’s schedule vociferously to map out your plan of attack? That’s something you should do - there are a lot of shows, how will you know which ones to go to?!?! Perhaps I’m wrong, but as a result of the traditional Halifax cycle of venues opening and closing is seems like their aren’t as many shows in the downtown core this year. This isn’t an issue though, because the schedule still offers plenty of opportunity to see multiple acts in one night with minimum transit. For example, thanks to the HPX-only resurrection of the legendary Marquee club and the ascendancy of The Company House and the Bus Stop Theatre, the Gottingen area is an attractive option on any night of the fest.

So then, who’s excited? I think we’re all pretty excited. Let’s feed that excitement with a bunch of songs from folks playing during the first three nights of the festival.