Believe me when I tell you that yer pals here at the hill are as happy as anyone to see the love that’s been shown to the legendary Maestro Fresh Wes since the release of his new Black Tuxedo EP. For years we’ve been happily touting Wes Williams as the Godfather of Canadian Hip Hop, even going as far as to suggest (way back in 2006 no less) that all Canadian MC’s putting out an album should offer Maestro a feature slot. So obviously we’re happy to post his new video for “Reach For The Sky”, which features his longtime collaborator, and the King of Enfield, Classified.

This song again showcases Maestro’s enthusiasm for incorporating Can-rock classics into his songs, this time having Class work Blue Rodeo’s “Try” into the beat and building a do-for-self narrative around it. The song obviously has the Rodeo’s blessing, as Jim Cuddy makes a cameo in the uplifting, ode to T.O. video, along with other CDN hip hop folks like 2 Rude, JD Era, Tone Mason, Muneshine, Ghettosocks and the Queen of Canadian Hip Hop herself - Michie Mee.

So then, all hail the return of the Black Tuxedo AND the cummerbund (or it’s phonetic alter-ego the cumberband). Congrats to Maestro on his return to recording - go cop the Black Tuxedo EP today.