It’s Halloween, and I have the one & only album you need for it. Well that’s if you have power and aren’t bailing water out of your house and care about music and Halloween at all right now. So then, more specifically, if you are interested in listening to a great album that is vaguely Halloween related, Swamp Thing’s Creature Feature is a perfect choice.

Composed from 2/3 of Southern Ontario crew Toolshed, Swamp Thing features MC’s Timbuktu and Chokeules as well as Savillion who not only raps but handles all the production on the album. If you’re familiar with Toolshed, you know the kind of balls-to-the-wall, smash-a-movie-lamp-over-your-head type raps Timbuktu & Chokeules usually offer, and Savillion meshes with them perfectly. Mix that with b-movie/sci-fi/horror type subject matter, really solid semi-creepy-but-thoroughly-bumping production, guest shots from folks like More Or Les, Modulok & Ghettosocks and you’ve got yourself not only a fantastic hip hop soundtrack for Halloween but a great listen anytime.

Bonus pointz: The Midnight Marauders-inspired, Ghettosocks-designed cover art is great and 123 not only has Savillion mentioning Special Ed’s hovercraft on the record’s first verse (which is pretty much enough to have me endorse your record on its own), but in the video for the song Timbuktu has the best brandy snifter ever. Case close-ed. So grab Creature Feature now, and Happy Halloween!