It’s Friday, so in the immortal words of Greg Nice, “pass me an ice cold glass of wine”. The weekend is obviously the perfect time for ice cold wine, but it’s also the drink of choice today because I’m jamming out exclusively to Ghettosocks new mixtape We’re Gonna Drink A Lot Of Wine This Year, Boys.

If you’re even close to a regular hill reader, certainly you’ve likely seen a reference or twenty-eight to Ghettosocks’ many and varied projects, either solo or with any of his many collaborators. His last mixtape Treat of the Day was fantastic, an exuberant homage to both delicious snacks and vintage hip hop sounds. With WGDALOWTYBzzz, the snacks have been polished off and it’s time to crack open the cabinet and quaff some of the smoothest hip hop sounds you’ll find anywhere. Whether we’re talking tracks that are vaguely wine-focused, like I’m Loaded or Grapez, or just schooling the youngsters in the biz on a track like Keep It G, Socks sounds every bit the veteran MC he is. DJ Jon Deck is also on hand to help with the slice & dice, and I have to say, after a couple listens I’m giving this one a 99 on the Wine Spectator scale.

Had enough of the forced wine metaphors yet? Fair enough, but how about one more reason to celebrate with your favourite vintage? This post likely marks the first time I’ve used a hashtag in a post title, but this mixtape has an enjoyable, yet incredibly long title, so I went with the hashtag that had me incredibly confused prior to finding out the full title. But whatever, you should 100% get this mixtape and find out why Ghettosocks is easily one of Canada’s best, but most slept on MC’s.