Ordinarily, an outfit like Ocean Towers, whose latest release Chapter 2 is composed of two twenty minute instrumental jams, likely wouldn’t be atop my posting todo list. But, after the slugfest work has been the last few days, zoning out to “stoner/psychedelic/doom” rock seemed like a very attractive proposition.

Luckily for me, this Halifax foursome appear to be excellent and what they do. Certainly I’m no expert in instrumental Stoner/Doom Metal, but the slow burning tracks found on Chapter 2, replete with delicious fuzz & feedback aplenty, contain both speedy and spaced out peaks and valleys that had me nodding along hypnotically as I stared a hole through my monitor.

So, regardless of whether this sounds like something that would be in your wheelhouse, I’d strongly suggest you check Ocean Towers out. They’ve made Chapter 2 available as a name your price download, so you have nothing to lose. Except maybe your Doom Metal virginity, and really, isn’t it about time? Do it.