I’m one of those people that can never completely disconnect. I check my blackberry on vacation, at night. It annoys me and frustrates my wife, but I can never completely turn work off. I guess it’s not shocking that even when I wanted a week off from blogging, I couldn’t make a clean break.

You see, Amelia Curran is special. Perhaps the only diamond that wants to stay coal, her rough edge and honest lyrics offset the beautiful, sad melodies that float heartbreak and pain as if they were weightless.

Amelia’s nice enough to debut her new video – an engaging collection of cardboard paper and stop motion courtesy of of Krista Davis – for “Black Bird on Fire” is enough to make anyone start paying attention again. Amelia’s new record, Spectators, is delightful and heavy, and this tender, playful visual accompaniment is a perfect introduction to her songs.

Amelia will be playing a show at the Rivoli on Nov 8th. I suggest you attend.