As we sink deeper into the technological abyss, synthesized emotions and digital conversations have become as important as physical contact. I guess it’s fitting that many bands have opted to replace the natural pump that forces blood through our veins with electronic clicks programmed to achieve ideal beats per minute. Pristine and calculated, we are left to assume these melodies triggered to enhance our high, are meaningful and life changing.

Thankfully, there are still ramshackle, noise/guitar outfits fighting the seemingly unwinnable fight. Everything is Geometry, a delightful, scrappy band from Vancouver Island, moves against the overwhelming flow. Settling into the sweet spot between blissful calm and distorted noise, these songs are sloppy and real, like a drunken conversation that jumps back and forth before gaining laser sharp focus.

frvdty #14 has a brief 16-minute run-time, but the band takes advantage of every second to explore bouncy guitar pop, punk-tinged noise and surprisingly sweet post-rock. This cassette may seem insignificant to those that listen casually, but it’s far more than the sum of its parts. Each fuzzed out melody is a small reminder that we exist outside of our profiles, and life isn’t a combination of 1s and 0s.

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MP3:: Everything is Geometry – more diversions