Wool on Wolves have traded their Summer Teeth for something with a bit more bite. Swagger; before it was a catch phrase, that confidence was essential to the sex-laced stomp of rock ‘n roll classics.

On “Midnight Oil”, the boys from The Chuck leave preciousness and insecurity for the bedroom composers and coffee shop pickers, and use the four and a half minutes to make a statement.

It’s the punctuation that makes these sentences work. Horns, harmonies and crescendos finish thoughts with exclamation points, not ellipses or semi colons. These idea are defined and strong; Wool on Wolves isn’t looking for the long flowing prose of a paperback writer. No, “Midnight Avenue” is best viewed in pixelated, half-toned three panel form, as we search for a hero. BAM! BOOM! THRONK!

Midnight Avenue by Wool on Wolves
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