Usually, at this time of year, we try and post up some of the Christmas/Holiday style jamz we’re sent or manage to come across in our cyber travels. This year though, we’ve both been so busy that the hill has remained festive-tune-free. Bit of a bummer, but so many folks seem to be carrying the torch for holiday music (a few great sources of the top of the dome: (Ho!Ho!Ho! Canada 4, Music NS, Old Ugly’s Christmas With Friends, etc) that I don’t think anyone would miss our contribution. That being said, I am indeed posting a Christmas song today, because it’s great and I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet: Mall Santa from the criminally underrated By Divine Right.

I have no idea if this is a new song or if it’s appearing on Xmas-type compilations, but it’s great. Classic, riff-tastic rock & roll (accented by some jingle bells no less), dedicated to the most iconic member of a modern, commercial Christmas’ cast of characters: the mall Santa. It’s a winning combo, so add it to your Christmas playlist on the double and pour yourself a double eggnog to crank up the relaxing times.