I’ve said something to this effect before, but, for me at least, it seems as though many of the most interesting hip hop-related projects we get sent from Canada are of the instrumental variety. It also seems that these folks are finding it easier to make noise in other locales versus their own backyard. This is the case with Regina producer Chris Bridge (aka Virtual Flannel) who has received plenty of attention for his work from the US and Europe, but not so much at home in Canada.

Well that just won’t do folks. Especially when we’re talking about someone as talented & prolific as Mr. Bridge obviously is (check him out on Soundcloud for various samples). His latest single, Hey There Bird, gives one an idea of why people have been digging his work - it’s simultaneously dreamy & crisp, with a hypnotizing hip-hop backbone to boot. It’s good stuff, and you can get more of it via his last, self-titled release (which came with a pretty awesome looking art pack, that is unfortunately sold out). Chris also did a pretty awesome remix for fellow Saskatchewan-ian Ryan Stinson and his hill-fave track Melt, so it’s all around thumbs up for Virtual Flannel as far as I’m concerned.