The long and the short of it is that my family was hit hard by cancer this year, and as I talked to more and more people, the more I realized how sadly ubiquitous this awful disease truly is. I had to do… something.

Basically I signed up to ride 200km on my bike, raising money that goes directly to cancer research. Last year this ride raised 18 million bucks. This year, they are aiming for twenty.

To help with the fundraising mission, we’re co-hosting a benefit concert with our good friends at The Carleton. Thanks to the gracious heart of Mike Campbell, 100% of the door goes towards cancer research.

100% of the music, well, it will be awesome. Just look at the names; it’s the type of lineup Keyser Söze would have arranged in a musical retelling of The Usual Suspects. From top to bottom, these artists are the sound of Nova Scotia. They are the lifeblood of our downtown venues, the sounds that escape our borders and the lifeblood of herohill.

We’ve supported these artists for so long, it’s like they are extended family or old college roommates, which is why it’s so easy to forget how truly talented each act truly is. Just take a look at these resumes:

Old Man Luedecke: Juno award winner. A storyteller beyond compare. Wearer of fantastic hats. Composer of the best A&W craving song in the history of time. Some men were put here to erect temples, build monuments. Chris’s mission is more humble; to make you sing, stomp and smile. Both are important and noble undertakings.

Rose Cousins: Polaris Prize long lister. One half of the incredibly supportive and sexy harmonies that helped Joel Plaskett get those amazing Jim Ford like vocals on Three. A voice so pure and rich that you could trade it for smokes in prison. Also, in a five minute meeting, her natural charm and graciousness was obvious and left me smiling ear to ear. I have the feeling everyone that meets Rose leaves feeling the same.

Acres & Acres: East Coast award nominee. Optimistic folk purveyors. David Suzuki approved environmentalists. I’m not sure I know a band outside of the Cowboy Junkies that can fit a melody, an idea, or an emotion so perfectly into a room, so when the duo delivers the warmth of “Let’s Go Home” to an audience of friends, it should be special.

Daniel Ledwell: Gentle picker. Hater of gluten… and song titles. NS producer of the year. A man of genuine spirit, supporting textures and the power to silence a room with only his voice and a guitar.

We have special guests lined up to, but overall, this will be a celebration of song, family and collaboration. It will be magical, and if you’ve ever felt like herohill has helped you find new music or get helped your band find new fans, why not say thanks by buying a ticket?

As for the two tickets, herohill will cover the cost for one lucky winner (plus a guest) to attend. Instead of adding comments to the page, the winner will be picked from those that RT this contest or link the details on facebook. If we sell the joint out, we can raise close to $2000 for charity. That’s even more amazing than the music you will hear.

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MP3:: Old Man Luedecke – Closing Time (Gordon Lightfoot cover recorded for herohill)