I know really nothing about Winnipeg’s No Label Collective, but I know this Wheels-inspired compilation from their extensive roster of collaborators has put a smile on my face more than once today. Just look at that cover art. I can’t even definitively say if it’s juvenile or genius, but I do know I would like to posses a giant framed copy of it.

For obvious reasons, the first song I clicked on was Crusty Cat’s Wheels’ Dad Has a Bad Moustache, and its 90′s Halifax vibe had me hooked, but there are plenty of fun songs on offer here (the dream pop/teen angst combo of Dust Adam Dust’s You Went Out, the bouncy straight ahead rock of Sons of York’s Smoke Drink or the jittery punk of Against Belief’s Lifetime of Neglect to name but a few). It’s 19 songs for 10 bucks, with the proceeds being donated to the Canadian Diabetes Association in honor of Neil Hope, so it’s a win-win.