My father hails from Saint John (Nouveau Brunswick, so like Phil C’s jacket, there’s no “s” required), and as such, I’ve driven over the Reversing Falls many, many times in my life. Of course my father explained the Falls to me on pretty much each and every trip, but, despite this, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it and saw only a mass of frothy, whitewater. While thinking of the Reversing Falls the other day, it struck me how apt a metaphor they seem to be for the current age we’re living in – at least from my perspective anyway. We’re bombarded daily with more information, knowledge and opinion than ever before, and even though, based on my education, past experiences, beliefs & principles, I know how I’m supposed to feel about most issues, I still tend to feel like I’d don’t know what the fuck is really going on in the world.

You can thank Montreal’s Reversing Falls for that strained bit of metaphoric navel gazing, for it was their re-emergence, with dope new single Curse This Place in hand no less, that led to my whitewater-based ruminations. My feelings towards this three-piece are much clearer my apparently muddled life view: I like them a great deal, and have said as much in various quick hits on their output. Their riff-filled songs are completely up my alley, and this new one is certainly no exception. The guitars are everpresent, but the song has a pacing that helps it hit hard, despite it’s catchy hook. It’s vitriolic and euphoric in one shot and I loves it. And I want more of it. Luckily for me (and you!), it seems we’re getting more.

Reversing Falls long-delayed full length is rumoured to be on it’s way in April, and this sneak peek cetainly has amped up my anticipation for it.