I have no idea why I’m only just posting this video now. If you were to try break out the bunson burners and the beakers & such to try and concoct the perfect song for the hill it would likely contain all the elements on display here.

Wolves is a five man, Voltron-esque ensemble that features some of the most oft-covered MC’s here at the hill. Do a search on any of Ghettosocks, Timbuktu, D-Sisive or Muneshine, and you’d find multiple gushing, damn-near fanboy level posts on each one. Add in talented T.O. producer Bix on the beats and you’ve got a true hip hop super group in my humble. Add to that the universally acknowledged Godfather of Canadian hip hop, the one & only Maestro Fresh Wes, as well as rugged MC Adam Bomb and you have a posse cut of the highest caliber. That’s exactly what we have in Kings. Enjoy.