Hype Man. Do the kids even know what a Hype Man is these days? I mean these days it seems like dudes either only perform via a youtube video of their “exclusive freestyle” directed by their friend who is, coincidentally, a hot new filmmaker, or they hit the stage with the 14 dudes they met after they put out that one song that was kind of popular. The notion of having one specific dude tasked with backing up the MC on stage seems almost quaint now, like backup dancers, or actual rapping ability. ANYWAY, enough curmudgeonly whining, this new video from Cadence Weapon does a pretty great job in showing the tragic character arc of your avaerage Hype Man, or Weed Carrier, if you will. I normally don’t associate Rollie with storytelling raps, but he does a great job on this track from his last release, Hope In Dirt City, playing both the super MC and his sycophantic sidekick. Enjoy.