Fire x Fire? Yes please. After that snowbomb-filled weekend I’d suggest you bring out all of the fire and try to melt some of these ludicrous snowbanks back down to functional size. Regardless of their inability to blowtorch my driveway clear, a new song from Toronto four piece Fire x Fire (or Fire By Fire) is still more than welcome on this wintry Monday evening.

We posted the energetic, We Didn’t Know from these folks before (they’ve since made a video for it, which you can see below), and I was a fan of their rather hooky sound. They’re back with a new EP slated for Feb. 19th, and they’re leading things off with Losing Control, an energetic, riffy introduction to the band for those new to their sound.

If you like that sound and are interested in hearing more power pop goodness, I’d suggest grabbing their EP and checking their upcoming tour dates to see if they’re hitting your neck of the woods (they’re playing Michael’s on March 14th for those here in Halifax).