Subtlety is not part of the equation when it comes to Cold Warps sound. The steps are roughly the same each time out; write a two-minute sci-fi joint or a nostalgic heartbreaker, put a poppy riff behind it and make it fuzzier than Gene Wilder’s melon. Oh, and play the song like you have been mainlining that 5-hour Energy drink for about three days.

If you think that is an insult, think again.

Growing up listening to bands like The Queers, Face to Face and The Groovie Ghoulies (I named my cat Kepi after seeing The Ghoulies and Mr T. Experience blow apart a stage in Pittsburgh), it’s hard not to fall hard for Cold Warps. Many moons ago, The Lillingtons released an under appreciated gem, Death By Television, and Cold Warps rekindles the love I had for that LP every time they hit record.

Both sides of this 7″ smoke; pogo ready riffs and snotty harmonies propel two more pop nuggets that are as scary as the swamp creatures that plagued Scoobie and his pals. Yes. Please.

Don’t Haunt Me, OK? is a beautiful slab of white vinyl, released on Noyes as a part of their 7″ series, but it should be available for the plebes in March. It’s a limited pressing, so don’t sleep.