A few weeks ago, we hosted a benefit concert to raise money and awareness for cancer research. The opening act, Acres & Acres, sang beautifully, sad songs from their latest LP, Truth & Sky. Hearts broke with every gentle pick or bended steel note, but the room was happy.

That’s what Acres & Acres brings to the party; a joyous spirit conveyed through the saddest songs. Their music a celebration of song and community, and Truth & Sky is no different, albeit one completely removed from singular experience of All Nations.

These songs are bigger than the room in which they were recorded. They are as big as life can be, which is a testament to the power of two players.

When you listen to Truth & Sky, you feel a warmth, none stronger than the wood stove feel of “Let’s Go Home.” It’s a potential surfers anthem – ALO could drop this into any set and have the Brushfire army swaying – but one steeped in the rustic charm of our East Coast homeland.

The video is delightfully silly, an Avenue Q scene to pair with the melody. Wooly sweaters, backing vocals from penguins, dancing fish and a snow crab just going for his during the guitar solo; this presentation might seem silly, but it’s more about the love and comfort of a good woman and the comfiest track pants you can find. Enjoy, and stay warm.

Let’s Go Home – Acres and Acres from EngineFaceFilms on Vimeo.

WEB:: http://acresandacres.bandcamp.com