Lists are fun; pretty much everyone loves a good list. But no one loves a list like music sites, who use the things to generate “controversy” and fuel their hit habit, love a list. So it’s no surprise to see a site like CBC Music jump into the fray with their recent, completely arbitrary, list of the greatest 25 Canadian rappers evar.

On one hand, it’s awesome that a site with the visibility and profile of CBC Music is giving coverage to CDN hip hop, which often languishes at the end of the bench in our rock obsessed nation. But on the other hand, it seems a little cheap and a tad exploitative to throw up such a list, compiled seemingly in a hurry and by a mere 5 people, knowing it’s a lock to pack in the hits like The Pharcyde used to pack the pipe.

That said, I don’t wanna knock anyone on the list, they’re all great artists in their own right, it just seems like there are some folks that are missing if you’re talking best Canadian MC’s of all time. Luckily for me, one that I would think should be considered for inclusion on any such list has a new single out to let me get my ranty rant on. DL Incognito’s new song Super is but a mere taste of his new material, but he showcases his silky lyrical skills over a soulful beat from Techtwelve. Never flashy or flossy, DL is simply very, very good at rapping, which one would think is an important component for being a best rapper ever. No matter, DL’s fifth album, Someday is Less Than a Second Away comes out on April 16th via Urbnet, and you should get it when it does.