There’s not much else I can say about Shotgun Jimmie.

Jim is an under appreciated veteran of the Canadian scene with a catalog as consistent and accessible as Ikea furniture. Shotgun’s riffs might not be put together with Allan keys, sweat and cursing, but you come to depend on them to support everything in your life.

It’s odd to think of an indie rock songwriter in these terms, but Jimmie is comforting and stable. He’s dependable.

Jim’s last record, the Polaris long-listed Transistor Sister, was a time capsule of memories, presented with the support of chunky riffs and without rose-coloring or nostalgia. It somehow came across like a greatest hits record written in real-time, which makes the spontaneous nature of Everything Everything even more jarring. These snapshots of love are fully of the moment, embracing all life has to offer without letting the past or the future affect Jim’s happiness.

In the hands of most other musicians, these humble, heartfelt admissions might seem contrived or tongue-in-cheek, but Jim’s smile and sincerity has never been up for debate. Everything Everything is a celebration, a collection of songs that are little more than moments shared over tequila, fiber optic networks or odometer turning drives. Jim reminds us that often, those brief snapshots are the best life has to offer. Rock n’ roll rarely lets the hero win as nice guys consistently finish last, but for just over a half hour you cheer proudly for a man willing to take big risk and soak up simple pleasures.

Everything Everything was recorded on a four-track, sung with friends as family thumps on dumpsters. It’s scrappy and raw, but the stitching is tough. These scraps of fabric won’t tear, and when wrapped tightly around your shoulders, they will keep you warm.

Everything Everything is out on March 26th, but You’ve Changed graciously let us offer up the Ladyhawk inspired monster, “Ladyhawk” to get you excited.

MP3:: Shotgun Jimmie - Ladyhawk