Wearing an influence on your sleeve can be a dangerous branding… just ask anyone with Chinese characters or a tribal armband.

For The Shilohs, one of the most buzzed about Vancouver bands to hit the scene in years, their dedication to crafting shimmering pop nuggets worthy of the bands from ’60s and ’70s is more about inspiration than influence.

It’s no secret most people that start a band sample liberally from The Beatles (and subsequent solo endeavors) and the sun-kissed country bliss that rose from Laurel Canyon, but The Shilohs don’t fall victim to these dated recipes or plating. Sure, you can hear the nod to “Taxman” on “Airliner Man” or even a tip of the cap to Wings on the defiant opening number, but for the most part the whip smart, taut pop songs are fresh and modern.

Saying So Wild took years to make is obvious, but also misses the point. Despite incredible hype - Pitchfork approval and a 7″ on a label run by Matt Mondanile (Real Estate/Ducktails) - the band took their time and came up with a consistent, rock solid debut, but really this record is focused on extending the tradition of 40 years of rock n’ roll, not stealing from it.

The Shilohs write songs that snap; pop nuggets that sound good to most anyone and everyone. In an age where most songs float into the wind the moment they escape a singers lips, The Shilohs offer a humble, understated LP that should ultimately stay with you as long as your ink.

Also, “The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go” might just be the most infectious song you hear all year.

The Shilohs - The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go from Light Organ Records on Vimeo.

WEB:: http://theshilohs.bandcamp.com/