If you’ve ever lived in Halifax for a full cycle of seasons, there’s a good chance that you agree with this assertion: spring here is the worst. Sure, winter’s cold, etc and so on, but spring, spring seems to last for an eternity here. It is forever withholding summer’s warmth from us in an extended act of slush-filled cock-blockery. And this is where we find ourselves now, having to bide our time before we can ditch the coats and crank the summer jams.

Thankfully, there are songs like Gianna Lauren’s new single Trouble to keep us company while we wait. This Halifax-transplant (she’s been here for a few years now I believe, so clearly she can tolerate our dreary springs) possesses a truly beautiful voice, warm and engaging, but it’s the measured, deliberate approach to her delivery that makes the songs on her new EP, On Personhood, so comforting. Trouble has a catchy, twangy backdrop, over which it would be easy for Gianna to rush in and overdo things, but she’s content to take her time and keep her eye on the trouble in question from afar.

On Personhood was made with the assistance of some very talented musicians at Andy Maggofin’s House of Miracles, and lovely songs like Ghosts or my fave Anchor Down are evidence that it was certainly time well spent. Give it a listen, and go see Gianna as she tours Eastern Canada next month.