This song feels important. There’s a weight to these three-minutes - not that you must lift, as the airy backing loops, chimes, piano and acoustic strums soar effortlessly and glow like first light - but in impact.

We live in a time where any semblance of complete thought is hastily dismissed as sterile and soulless, so Guthrie’s decision to offer an orchestral shine to anthem feels revolutionary.

The remarkable thing is that “The Rest Is Yet To Come” is as airtight as it is airy. There is a majesty to the affair. Each note serves a purpose and all Guthrie hopes is we listen intently, sacrificing convenience for quality. Something this grand has no right to be so humble.

It’s far too easy to cherry pick overused descriptors, but that doesn’t make words like gorgeous, moving and inspiring any less valid in this case.

Guthrie is an oft overlooked talent. His fingers and voice have been vital components of game changing output over the last 15 years (at least for this listener, Islands and Royal City mark crucial shifts in the Canadian sound), so it’s not surprising this beautiful song somehow feels at odds to the rest of the racket trying to drown it out.

Takes Time is not out until May 7th, but this song is the Spring thaw we’ve been waiting for and so desperately need.