Valleys was a band we tried to claim back in 2009 (despite the fact they were already signed to a great label). We booked them on our HPX lineup - despite only hearing one song - but quantity didn’t matter. The crystallized soundscapes they built paired perfectly with Tilly’s voice and the results were truly Doozer worthy.

Truth be told, I forgot about Valleys until a PR blast popped up in the ole inbox. The new lineup is more compact, but the sound is bigger. Valleys is now just Tilly and Marc holding down keys, guitar, drums, sequencing and vocal duties, but these songs are more than bedroom confessionals or pencil sketches.

Are You Going to Stand There And Talk Weird All Night isn’t out until April 30th, but the ice cold melody of “Undream a Year” and the duo’s desire to hit life’s reset button might keep Summer away forever.