UGH, I’m in a weird spot with the hip hop right now my friends. Like any rap-loving oldster I continually lament the quality of the music in the days of yore, but I seem to have a visceral aversion to the current brand of sneering, talentless, trap/tumblr type rap that we’re being sent on the regular. So either I’m actually getting old, or modern hip hop has finally gone to a place where I dare not follow.

So what to do then? Here’s one thing that usually works for me in times of similar trouble: forget about raps and lyrics altogether for a while and retreat to the comfort of soul satisfying boom-bappery. In this case, Fredericton, NB’s Sean One had what I needed with his latest instrumental release, Jack Nicholson. Nineteen tracks expertly chopped and layered into 30-some minutes of head-nodding goodness, mixed with the occasional vocal snippet from everyone’s favourite Lakers fan (and lecherous uncle) and you can’t lose. Put this on in the headphones, zone out, and forget about what the kids are doing to hip hop for a while. Worked for me.

It’s a pay-what-you-can download, so hop on over to Sean’s Bandcamp to check it (and his other work) out.