I’m ghost, I’m gone.

If you’re still hanging around here and reading the hill on a semi-regular basis, you’d be forgiven for thinking that brief quote above, from The Antiheroes latest video I’m Ghost, describes my feelings for current hip hop. This is indeed true from time to time, but not on the whole. Believe me, I try and comb through the submissions we get to find current hip hop that I like, but like pimpin’ and being green, it ain’t easy. It’s much easier going with what you know, and one thing I do know is that The Antiheroes are ridiculously dope. If you’re at all serious about Canadian hip hop in 2013, you should hear them.

Sha Prince and Flex are the T.O. MC’s that make up The Antiheroes, and I’m not sure you’re going to find another pair of more skilled or hungrier MC’s in this country. Their new album, Modern Day Riot, comes out next week, and if there’s any justice it’ll find it’s way into tons & tons of earholes. You can start with the wintery, no-nonsense, rooftop-shot video for the warning shot of a single I’m Ghost, and listen to the rugged-never-smooth Understand below. Pretty sure you’ll want to join the riot next week once you hear what The Antiheroes have to offer.