I’ll be honest with you, reviewing submissions for a blog-type music site such as ours is simultaneously inspiring and dispiriting as old hell. Don’t get me wrong, even with the stuff I absolutely hate, I still mostly feel honoured when someone takes the time to send us the art they’ve sweated & slaved over with a personal plea to have a listen. But I’m only human. I can only listen to so many blatant Drake/Kanye ripoffs before feeling the urge to go Hulk smash and tear one of Drake’s terrible Coogi sweaters into a thousand multi-coloured strands. But this new single & video from The Caravan is certainly not that.

I posted The Caravan’s last video a few months ago, and I’ll happily post something like this new one any day over the mountain of derivative, self-indulgent hip hop we’re sent. What Up Steve? takes aim at our dubious & doughy Prime Minister, and whether you agree with any or all of the points being made in the song, I think it’s completely healthy to question whether ol’ Steve Harper really has the interests of the majority of Canadians at heart. I mean think about it, how many people do you know whose beliefs would align with Steve’s? Not sure I know a single one. Plus, it’s great to repeatedly refer to him as Steve, I bet he hates that. “You’re taking what we need while you listen to Creed”. You cannot front on that.

On top of all that, it’s also a rather enjoyable song, Kyle McKenna’s Chali 2na-esque flow is a soothing listen and there are some top-notch horns which always gets my seal of approval. The Caravan have an album coming out in May, and it’ll be worth everyone’s time I’d say.