Yes today is almost over, but I’m guessing you could use a boost to get yourself through the rest of the day, and the week for that matter. I might suggest you get that boost from Gets in Car the sparking, frayed electrical wire of an EP from Sackville NB’s Yellowteeth. This foursome plays a ramshackle, amp-bursting brand of punk rock & roll – the ridiculously catchy instrumental Psychedelic Rock might be harder and better than anything else you’ve heard today.

Upon first blush, Yellowteeth’s music seems rather dark and abrasive, but after listening to the EP a couple times, the melodic side of the songs starts to shine through despite the occasional caustic lyric. Plus the EP’s breakneck ten or so minutes ends on an upbeat note with The Very Very Worst, so you’ll be reaching for the replay button once it’s done.

Yellowteeth is comprised of some member of The Mouthbreathers, who we also enjoyed here at the hill, so it’s no surprise that we’re also giving Gets in Car a big THD-style Thumbs Up. Both bands are part of Sackville’s Killer Haze collective, so if you like what you hear, get on over to their Bandcamp to check out a couple compilations they have on offer there.