I’ve spent most of the last two years, trying to force a change. To be a better Dad, a better husband, a better employee and to join the ranks of former bloggers. Less sugar, more exercise. Less judgement, more patience. More time for friends or reconnecting with the ones I took for granted.

I’m failing in every regard, mostly because I’m trying to be a different person, instead of a better version of who I already am.

Small Houses - a.k.a. Jeremy Quentin - is the slap in the face I needed.

The songs are a pencil sketch of Jeremy’s soul that could just as easily be lost amongst the scrawl in old journals, but that’s why it hits back with the force of a desperate man. Small Houses is a project stripped bare of anything unwanted or unneeded, so when Quentin fights, he fights with everything he has left, because he’s fighting for all that truly matters to him.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday, complaining that blog ads have dried up and after almost a decade of doing this shit, the effort just isn’t worth the rewards. I can’t keep pretending I give a shit about your remix or your DJ night, and I can’t keep pretending that these records - the ones full of purity that are more often than not, sung to an apathetic, unattentive audience - aren’t the ones that make meteor sized craters in my heart.

Exactly Where You Wanted To Be is the better version of myself I so desperately want to find. Quentin is a throwback of sorts, to a time when love in your heart and a song that needed to be sung was enough. He’s a man with strength of character and a belief his best is enough. Quentin shows us all that our love is pure and our pain is real. He reminds us that a small house, full of love and the desire to be a better man for those that matter most, is the only change we need.

Small Houses is the best things of a generation that threatens to fade to black. These songs take root and grow slowly. They bloom to beauty, but only with attention and care. Quentin uses little more than gentle picks to frame his characters that move perfectly in step with each melody. Those songs are the songs I want to sing. That certainty is what I need.

WEB:: http://www.smallhousessing.com