+1. Y.E.S. to this. RT.

Look, I have no idea what the cool vernacular is these days, but hot damn kilogram, this new Doug Hoyer song smokes.

“To Be a River” starts with Fela-inspired horns, but Hoyer’s goulash is also flavored with influence of David Byrne, world music and a surprising big beat. Hoyer has always fused his pop ditties with big programmed beats (just take a listen to “Oh, The Wind Will Blow“), but this song is a huge sonic shift. He left his trusted uke on the shelf, buried any hint of Jens or Stephin Merritt and found a new sound palette to explore.

Hoyer’s is one of the few artists that remains in a constant state of flux and still manages to keep fans engaged. I never know what I’m going to hear when I press play, but without question, I’m always excited. That’s something I can’t say of many artists.

Oh, and that cover art? If that isn’t a must have for your black lit basement, you aren’t doing it right.

WEB:: http://doughoyer.bandcamp.com/