I had no intention of posting today. Work is consuming more and more hours, as is a toddler with an ever growing obsession with parks, construction and reaching new heights on playground slides.

I was happy to simply revisit some old favorites and take a break from the daily grind, but that blogiday was over when the six-minutes of power pop from The Bawdy Electric started circling around my head like a halo this morning.

Without being totally reductive, this Toronto/Montreal via New Brunswick (with a stopover at Dalhousie) band sounds enough like John Darnielle fronting a New Pornographers inspired bar band to grab any music fan’s ear. “Any Closer To The Day” is built on rolling guitar and Christopher Durning’s inspired vocals, but the song slowly and confidently explodes into an A.C. Newman / Dan Bejar worthy climax full of vocals, plucky bass and horns. The band calls it “power pub”, and honestly, that descriptor is apt and better than anything I can come up with on my own.

But The Bawdy Electric is more than beer soaked anthems; lyrically, there are many gems to be mined from these two songs. It’s hard to ignore the potential of this band when the verses and choruses of “I’ll Be Your Mountain” document how quickly we are willing to give up on who we are for someone else’s happiness so well.

No strife, I want nothing of your life | But I’ll be blue collar true all the same | I’ve got everything we need | A mortgage and my gorgeous family name

There’s something poetic about his willingness to become something he hates for a woman undeserving of his love. He will sacrifice and suffer through each canon blast, if she would just ask. He will be what she needs until the rock finally crumbles to the sea and all that’s left is the vindictive end state for him to hold onto. The misguided hope that she would have missed him if he only he found the strength to walk out the door.

Oh… and wrestling ass on a turnbuckle? Well played, sir. Well played.

WEB:: http://thebawdyelectric.bandcamp.com/