Record Store Day is to music fans as Easter is to Christians. Devout believers treat the day with respect; a celebration of faith and passion that is not limited to a mere 24 hours. For most however, it’s the one day you set foot inside the house of worship and feel you’ve done your part.

To be honest, I’ve lost my faith somewhat. I used to get so excited about the endless bounty and the free shows that came with RSD. Now, I scan the lists only to find fewer and fewer “must-haves.” More often than not, I simply farm out my requests to cheap labor.

Sadly, the list of exclusives was mostly misses for me. No matter how many times I hit F5, the list was never populated with artists I love and tossing 30 bucks for another version of The Last Waltz just didn’t make any sense.

Thankfully, yesterday brought news of a 7″ that reminded me of the joy of collecting. To celebrate the day, Mike Feuerstack teamed with sax man Colin Stetson to record two songs. The first, “Shadow”, has the same pacing and sharp lyricism we’ve come to expect from Mike, but the prominent drum machine beat and smoothed out saxophone are fresh additions to his sonic palette. Mike’s work as a supporting musician really helps him craft arrangements with nuance and layers, but his songwriter foundation ensures that the songs never sound crowded or muddled.

There are only 250 copies of this 7″, and it’s pressed on clear vinyl comes with sleeves hand-screened, editioned, and signed by Montreal artist Nick Kuepfer. I’d highly recommend picking it up.