The purity of these harmonies could stand defiantly against any storm. A ray of sunshine that could slice through fog, winds, torrents of rain. A warmth that somehow even makes goodbye feel comforting.

The first pass of “Warboats”, the standout track from the debut Dark for Dark record of the same name, is a simple slice of beautiful folk that floats lightly, but rich vocals and sweet harmonies are not really a unique identifier in folk music.

The true beauty of this group is revealed in the final version of Warboats. Much like the rest of the album, these five-minutes benefits from rough edges left in tact. Gentle horns wash delicately over this song, but the melody, pacing and vocals are never overstated. With help from Matt Charlton’s production, Dark for Dark manages to sidestep the pitfall of a pristine finish and that gives Rebecca Zolkower’s word a sincerity you trust wholeheartedly.