Bravestation have a new EP entitled IV ready to see the light of day next week. This is a band I’ve been fond of for a few years now, but why should you care? Well, if you head out into the springtime sunshine with the lovely sounds of their new single Somewhere We Belong bouncing around your earholes, I bet you a dollar you’ll feel better about things. All of the things. Well except for that dollar you’re never getting from me.

Over the last few years, Bravestation have been perfecting their own sound, one that’s gone from a new-wave vibe to more of a dreamy, 80′s synth sound that they’ve dubbed Tribal Pop. They can call it whatever they want, but it certainly sounds fully formed on these latest songs (they also released All We Have Is Us), with mysterious, ethereal vocals gliding seemlessly over slinky instrumentals. Have a listen. Get the new EP. Be nice.