Time, we have none of it! As an addendum to the Ack’s post from the other day I’m putting up this drive-by of a post to extoll the virtues of Vancouver duo Pigeon Hole and their latest record Chimp Blood. Like everyone else, my workload is ever-increasing and on the homefront we’re continuing our quest to spawn our own Naedoo starting 5 with the birth of our 3rd son a couple weeks ago. So yeah, time for reasoned, thought out reviews is non-existent. BUT there are records, songs and videos that deserve to be posted and I’ll continue to do so in whatever slapdash fashion I can manage.

Yikes, that’s not a great intro for a record I like as much as this one, but hey read on! Or just buy it! It’s fair to say that the Hole’s first album was kind of a revelation for me, and even though the duo has come with a different, more electronic-influenced (I avoid the phrase “trap music” whenever possible, no matter how awkward the alternatives are) sounding production style this time out, I remain a huge fan of what they’re doing.

I tried to say as much in my earlier post for the ridiculously catchy Champion, but this is the kind of modern hip hop I wish more people would get behind. Yes, the production is chock full of machine gun drums and 808 bass, but it’s really well done and mixed and matched to keep things interesting throughout. So whether it’s the trance-like chants of The Turk, the hazy, fuzzed-out nostalgia of June, the wobbly bravado of awesomely-named Ice Dicks, or the breezy piano sounds on the hopeful Higher State, there’s plenty of head-noddery to be found here, whatever your taste. So give it a go.