We can do better. When it comes to the state of modern hip hop, I think you’d find more people who believe such a statement to be true, versus the opposite viewpoint. So we can do better, but do we really want to? When it comes right down to it, it’s the ignorant, guns+money+swag+drugs+misogyny rap that sells and gets you featured on all the cool blogz (i.e. the ones opposite ours). So what’s a guy like Quake Matthews to do? Being the best rapper Fairview ever produced certainly gets you airplay here at the hill, but what do you do if you’re a talented MC who feels like you’re being passed by because you don’t make the kind of bullshit music they play on the radio every five minutes?

Well you don’t pack it in. As Quake shows us on this track and video from his latest record, Corrado, you hook up with a respected vet, in this case the one and only Philly Freezer, Freeway, and put together a track exhorting folks, especially the young ones, to give the violence (and the violent fantasies favoured by so many MC’s) a rest. I salute his efforts, and I wish there were more folks willing to do the same.