Last week when I was bellyaching about not having any time to post on the hill (first world problems, etc), I mentioned that there were albums I’d been meaning to post on for a while, and Modern Day Riot from The Antiheroes was certainly one of the ones I was referring to.

I’ve tried to say something similar in my previous posts on this T.O. duo comprised of Flex and Sha Prince, but the simple and plain truth is this: if you actually care about “real” rap - lyrics, actual rapping ability, thorough, quality production, etc, then you need to check out The Antiheroes. This goes triple if you’re a proponent of Canadian hip hop in any way shape or form. And if you’d like nothing better than to tell swag rap to go fuck itself, as these non-heroes literally do on So Easy, then you must get with their latest manifesto of a record, Modern Day Riot.

Production from the likes of Jay Emess, Junia-T, MMac & Rich Kidd. No-nonsense features from folks like Rich Kidd, D-Sisive, Relic, Thurz, Ash Riser, Emerson Brooks, DaxFlow & Sugar Tongue Slim. Blowtorching the frauds & zombie fans alike on tracks like Blow Up, the aforementioned So Easy or the intense openning title track. Waxing any and all competition on classic braggadocious tracks like Cloud 9, Ignorant x Arrogant or 6 Degrees. Plus, as they show with aplomb on songs like 11th Hour or Understand they can rock emotional/introspective tracks while still keeping an edge. Great stuff from top to bottom, and available as a free download, so you have no reason not to join this riot.

Riot against this standard of mediocrity that so many have locked themselves in.

Yes please.