We’ve gone full summer jams mode here at the hill of late, and we aren’t going to apologize for it. This is Canada son, we don’t get much damn summer, so you’d be wise to celebrate it when it’s here. Case in point, it was sweltering here in Halifax yesterday, which led to a bit of bellyaching from those who were melting, and today it’s raining. So crank your jams - you’d be wise to include the sparkling new single from Ain’t No Love, Fake Your Dreams, in your various mixes, and live for the moment kids. YOLO and such.

Now I’ve already posted on young T.O./MTL collective Ain’t No Love a few times, so I’m already on board with their program, but if you put out an infectious summer jam with a wistful piano-laced intro that reminds me of Word To The Mutha!, then I am super down. That’s actually a somewhat relevant tangent, as producer Liam Clarke gives Fake Your Dreams has a big, bouncy 90′s vibe. Couple that with Saidah Conrad’s silky vocals and enthusiastic verses from the group’s emcees Roland “1990″ Broere & Elias “Beanz” McBean and ANL have another winner on their hands. This is simply a group with a sound made for summer, so if you don’t know, now you know.