This one almost slipped by me. I guess I wasn’t expecting to see a PR email announcing new Ghettosocks music from London’s Blunted Astronaut Records, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Halifax’s Grand Wiazrd of Emcee Wizardry has been collaborating with renowned UK duo The Herbaliser for a minute now, so working with a UK label is a logical next step.

Plus, a new Ghettosocks 7″ on translucent vinyl with production from The Process (Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba (Soundsci/The Herbaliser) and features from frequent ‘Socks collaborators Timbuktu and Muneshine gets the auto-post treatment from the hill no matter where it comes from. The slightly-sinister A side features the usually raucous Teenburger chemistry, but the B side, with its Twin Peaks collab, might win here for me as the beat is delightful. Enjoy!