Things we love: Joel Plaskett. Donovan Woods. Donovan Woods’ twitter feed. Meredith Shaw’s voice.

If only there was a way these things could come together…

BOOM. Before a recent show at the Dakota, Meredith and Donovan took the time to pay tribute to an East Coast icon. We’ve gushed about Woods’ latest record before, but any chance we get to hear his voice is welcome.

As for Ms. Shaw, her new EP - Trouble - came of age in Joel’s new studio and under his production, so the tip of the cap is natural and quite fitting. The familiar warmth of the Dakota stage is a perfect backdrop for this touching love song, and the charm in which these artists deliver Plaskett’s sentiments.

Just for fun, here’s a fan video of Joel’s original. The sun is shining, and it’s the weekend. Take Joel’s lead; find the love in your heart and tell that someone.