If you know me outside of this blog thing, you know the last few years have been hard on my family. Our oldest son was born with congenital heart defects that were corrected surgically when he was only three days old, and we’ve been bracing ourselves for bad news ever since.

In that same time, my dad has been hit with cancer, twice, and sadly the brain cancer he has now is not one that can be cured or even controlled.

I think Chris is singing of love on “In Your Light”, but for me his tender words and melody take a different form. When he sings, “friends they come, friends will leave. You’re the only one I believe”, my mind starts racing through the moments I’ve spent with my dad. Out of necessity, the images flash faster than I can process. I’m afraid his light, the one that guided me for so many years, will fade out before I get to remember everything that makes him so special.

We are lucky though; my son is growing stronger every day and we’re free to let him live like any “normal kid.” Every day, I’m in awe of how strong kids can be and the pride I feel every time he wakes up and strides confidently downstairs is staggering. We’re finally able to exhale and let him stretch his legs. His light is free to shine and right now it’s as bright as the sun.

In Your Light is the powerful closer on Chris Picco’s delightful solo LP, and it offers a warmth we often forget exists. Chris wants us all to live simply, and love deeply. It’s a reminder not to be taken lightly.

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