I’m posting this video for Indio, the most recent single from Matt Mays’ hill-endorsed Coyote for a few reasons. Mainly because I love the song, but only saw the video for the first time the other day, and, despite my complete lack of surfing experience or knowledge, the tropical setting of the video made me want to go there Liz Lemon style.

So, great song, cool, stylized video, win-win. But also, Matt & Co. are playing a hometown show this weekend on the Halifax waterfront on some kind of Optimus Prime-ized Red Bull bus that transforms into a stage via science and/or magic. It appears the RSVP list to access the show is closed, but if you were to say, be right beside the parking lot where the concert is taking place, I’m sure you could very easily enjoy some of the bus-propelled jams just as well (looks like it’s going to rain on Saturday, but that’s another issue all together).

Finally, this post is just another reminder that you can still donate to the family trust of Jay Smith, who passed away much, much too soon back in March.