You know that guy that pumps the shit out of Souls of Mischief, Fela or Jaco Pastorius the minute the sun comes out? You’ve seen him, driving windows down with his music crushing factory grade speakers. Yeah, that is 100% me. I can’t even pretend it’s not.

Summer jams don’t really need anything than a hook or a chorus you want to scream at the top of your lungs, but Winnipeg’s Royal Canoe offer more depth to the formula. “Bathtubs” sounds better the louder it gets, but the song is full of surprising layers and transitions. Strings, group vocals and even church bells dance around your headphones, but never detract from the crisp percussion, big bass line or huge chorus.

So yeah, is this song had a smell, it would be of coconut scented lotion, spilled beer and grilled meat. It would feel like condensation on skin and ice cold bottles. It would have no regard for the eight hours of hungover work that is waiting around the corner, or that your heart could be torn to shreds when the leaves start to change color.