It’s easy to hear these songs, reworkings of Andrew Sisk’s catalog, and think of them as shared moments between friends. They are, for the most part, similar to two people telling the same story. The details may be different, but the moments are of equal importance for both parties. Memories have a unique way of forming in our brains, just like the love in our hearts.

And that’s the best way to describe We Have the Same Lights Overhead. The collection of songs was born out of respect and love courtesy of the people over at Acadian Embassy, but mainly it’s a sincere thanks to Sisk from the people he’s shared studios, stages and couches with over the years. More importantly, they are the same people that would share dinners, car rides and Summer swims with him even if he never played another note.

The artists here are familiar to any East Coast music fan, ranging from names that light up marquees to hobbyists that formed unbreakable bonds with Sisk. The names found here - Feuerstack, Grant, Ledwell, Magoffin, Lauren, AA, Quiet Parade, Mckiel - are the backbone of herohill. They are the people we smile warmly with as we scream to the heavens for their music.

There could be no better collection of artists to pay tribute to Andrew as a musician or a friend.

Remarkably, I too feel a bond with Sisk even though we’ve only met once. It was in passing, but he gracious and charming, much like his humble songs. It’s hard to stay objective (and really for a tribute done simply to say thanks for being you, it seems unnecessary to try to be). I love everything this record wants to be, what it represents, and what it is. the fact he loves Hall and Oates is simply icing on the cake.

This reminder of friendship is a PWYC download. Toss the artists some coins and let these pleasantries wash over you.