Unless this is literally your first time on the hill and you’ve ended up here by accident (perhaps looking for this popular classic from yesteryear), I’m going to assume you’re a Canadian music enthusiast, and the mere mention of a collaborative EP from Shad and Skratch Bastid will have you leaving this post behind in a puff of cartoon smoke to go gaffle it up.

And by gaffle it up (word to CMW), I of course mean contribute some duckets for the “name your price” download of The Spring Up, because why wouldn’t you? The clever, nimble wordplay of Shad matched with the production chops and turntable wizardry of Skratch Bastid? Seems like a no-brainer.

The duo even enlist the legendary Jazzy Jeff to co-produce the aptly named Classic, which had me hooked from jump with its deformed, Bomb Squad siren, and sealed the deal with Shad’s line-a-second blaze through the track and the awesome scratch-work on the hook. The pensive knock of Outta My Head proves that Shad does a contemplative track like nobody else, and the rock edge on the all-too-short Clappin shows once again that his style works in almost any setting. And I already talked about the excellence of the Cadence Weapon-featuring Homie a couple weeks ago.

So while we can all rejoice over the fact that there’s a new Shad full-length on the horizon (which will also feature SB collabos), we can freak the new Shad funk right now with this little gem of an EP.